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Digital Signage and In-Store Radio for Modern Business

Reliable, flexible and affordable solution for any Digital Signage needs

Increase Your revenue right now!

Digital Signage is one of the most efficient ways to attract potential customers' attention, boost up-sales or improve service for current customers.

Professional hardware used to cost a lot, required labor to set-up and maintain, was hard to manage and integrate with Your external systems (website, databases, anything You can imagine), it was hard to create outstanding and impressive content.

But ImpressBox has changed it. Once and for all.

You do not need any investment or serious commitment to have modern and outstanding digital signage in Your shop. ImpressBox is available as a Service, when You need it, for how long You need it.

We will take care of everything. Need screens? They are ready to dispatch. Want them hanging in Your premises? Our professional is ready to get them there. Need to manage their content, or advertise day special? Just drag-and-drop the image to Your web browser. Or enter message in simple, user-oriented interface. Want fancy content? Use PowToon, Sparkol VideoScribe, Prezi or other modern tool to make amazing video sign. Want the fancy content done? We'll do that. It's included in Your premium plan.

Nothing to care on!

How it differs from other solutions?

ImpressBox business model is viable because of these technological advantages:

Low-cost and low-power player is a guarantee of independency It provides us freedom to pick the best available screens in the market. There is no vendor lock-in, so we can use the most effective Digital Signage screens, available in the market, not tied to their platform or architecture, thus delivering maximum added value for our customers.
Reliable hardware minimizes support cost For a player we are using time-proven, made-in-UK hardware that minimizes failures and support/maintenance costs.
Based on Open-source software Unlike many common closed Digital Signage players, our devices are based on the best open source community driven products. That means that we do not spend our clients’ money for reinventing the wheel. We are using best practices and also contribute to the development on such technologies as Django and Wayland.
Cloud-based solutions guarantee maximum uptime and minimal operating costs Because our solution does not need any server or client installation - You just enter PIN displayed on screen to the cloud system, and device is immediately paired to your account - we can focus adding extra value for your business instead of doing boring manual jobs, like creating creative content.
State-of-the-art technologies allow us to do things that seemed impossible before Advanced Message Queuing Protocol allows us continuous, event-based two-way interaction between our Cloud infrastructure and devices scattered all round the world, like they were in local network, without any network configuration hassle. 3G option eliminates network issue at all.

Basic principle

Data from servers

is transferred to the device

The device

displays information on multimedia screens



Flexibility - simple, flexible and nice content management system allows to keep the content on your screens up-to-date by anyone from your personnel.

Inexpensive installation - expensive and unreliable hardware like hard drives, is not needed. Connect your current video screens using Composite RCA or HDMI connectors.

Small service expenses - information is renewed through the internet, administrating personnel has no need to travel to all the screens locations, if compared to DVD players. Only 5 Watts of energy consumption!

Versatility - it is possible to present a wide range of visual media. Contact us for our insight to how this product can solve your communication challenges.

Faster and cheaper transfer of data - video files are delivered once, after that, only small playlist files are sent. This makes FullHD video delivery feasible via UMTS/3G connection!

Increased spread of information - Your presented information, displayed through multimedia screens, will be more effective and reach more clients. That will positively influence sales and increase your brand awareness.

Services we provide

The solution itself does not create added value for your business. Reliable hardware, passionate support, flexible development team, prompt hardware support services - these are the key requirements that make ImpressBox solution work like a clock for your business!

ImpressBox system: hardware and software.

From basic out-of-the-box Cloud service to on premise deployment license, from single ImpressBox device to large LED displays - we are competent to help you in all these fields.

We can provide just the software - in case you already have your hardware. However, carefully selected power supply, proper cooling, and thoroughly tested Micro SD cards are the key to stability and reliability of the system.

We are ready to provide whole solution from one hands and provide project lifetime warranty for them (even wearable parts, like MicroSD card!)

Contact us to get great and individual offer!

Software support, development, integrations

Our company background is software development. We are comfortable dealing in every corner of computer software development and customization. We are competent from simple tasks, like custom data structures implementation or integration with your database, to custom kernel driver development and debugging.

We are passionate to not only sell our product, but also to make sure it will perform best in your environment. We won't leave a single case open and we'll happily consult you about every question that rises while using our system.

Contact us to get individual offer!

Hardware support and other on-site services

From simple device mounting to networking - our partner network is ready to take care of every aspect of a digital signage network.

Because our hardware is carefully chosen and reliable we are able to provide fixed cost hardware support. Yes, you’ll not spend a single eurocent more on your digital signage project than planned!

Contact us for individual offer and service availability in Your area.


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  • Share our experience and present successful business cases;
  • Make individual offer for complete solution.


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