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State-of-the-art software

Open-source technologies and software is making the world better every day and it would be hard to deny that it isn’t the leader in fields of IT industry. We are working hard to apply best practices and glue the best pieces software together, supplying our customers a leading product.




Python is a modern, flexible and efficient programming language that simply allows us to do more with less code. Our stack (both server and client side) is written in python. Our team has a huge experience (10 years) in this language.


Advanced Message Queuing Protocol


Originally, Advanced Message Queuing Protocol was invented in JPMorgan to avoid lost financial transactions. It is very flexible and efficient way to control devices from the server.

Many Digital Signage software implementations require the server and clients to be within the same network so that both clients and server could talk to each other. However our goal was to be completely independent from the network requirements. So in ImpressBox implementation the client maintains active messaging connection to the server. In the case of command (update, schedule, etc.) client almost immediately gets the message and starts the action.

So in result we have almost an instant control from the server in any networking configuration.




It's one of the most powerful databases currently present in the world. Only a few commercial databases (like Oracle) can compare by performance and capabilities. We are using Postgres for our generic data (content, playlists users, and so) storage.


Kibana + ElasticSearch + Watcher

logo-elastic-kibana-lt.png logo-elastic-elasticsearch-lt.png

One of the most important tasks of handling large-scale deployments is to be able to handle huge loads of information from all devices in one place.

The system must be able to not only index the data in real time and conveniently store it, but to also index and quickly search the information, for instance to make a monthly broadcasting reports.

Elastic Search with Kibana handles it all: it's not only lightning-fast and scalable, but also flexible.

Watcher plugin enables us to track the performance of players in real time and take corrective actions if something goes wrong (i.e. shop is opening, but somehow player has failed to fetch the newest schedule for it.)




It's a contemporary web framework used in thousands of websites around the world that enables us rapid and sustainable development.

This framework takes care of many monotonous tasks that our developers could do without it. For instance, we get a requirement to set up another module with specific fields. We don't need to code the module, interfaces, how data is saved to database from scratch, we just describe new fields we need and the administrator interface just appears.

Because it saves so much of our time and effort we can focus on tasks that really matter.




Both for an on premise and cloud-based deployments, it's important to have a safe, fast and guaranteed deployment scenario.

Docker allows us to isolate different apps (like database, system, multimedia converters etc.), easily deploy them both on premises and in the cloud, monitor, backup and maintain them.




Linux is the most used operating system in the world, if take into account Android (that also uses Linux kernel).

It's used from handheld devices to supercomputers - that's why it's power and flexibility offers so many advantages versus other operating systems.

Both player and server parts are cross-platform and can run anywhere Python runs. However all additional functionality like system health handling, automatic error correction and other enterprise-grade features would be very hard to implement on other operating systems.




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